Western Australia's most successful technical newsletter
It is WA’s most successful technical newsletter going into its 36th year of circulation. It’s an excellent source of independent information. It contains timely, relevant, technical information,
Grower meetings throughout Western Australia
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Independent agronomists throughout Australia
All of our independent agronomist run their own successful business's joined by a common goal at Synergy Consulting
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With over 200 years combined experience - we can help
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We pride ourselves on our work
Our independent agronomist know what is best for their business, so are always up skilling themselves to help their farmers
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  • Western Australia's most successful technical newsletter
  • Grower meetings throughout Western Australia
  • Independent agronomists throughout Australia
  • With over 200 years combined experience - we can help
  • We pride ourselves on our work

Photo Gallery

Some of our consultants best in the field photos, we are always on the ground.
  • General Crop & Pasture Agronomy
    • Farming systems & crop rotations • Crop and pasture establishment, varieties & timing and method of sowing • Weed, insect & disease management • Soil fertility and plant nutrition addressing fertiliser and soil ameliorant strategies.
  • Testing Services
    To determine the herbicide resistance status of ryegrass or radish populations site by site. Ultimately it identifies what herbicides still work, preventing costly failures, and importantly providing direction for future management strategies. For more information or to organise a site, please click here .
  • Soil and Plant Nutrition
    Soil testing removes the guess work enabling informed decisions and importantly ensuring the $$ are spent where needed to achieve target yields. It is cheap insurance! Soil analysis is now available through Synergy Consulting. Key features of the Synergy Soil Test Kit include;
  • Price Risk Management
    An independent, innovative service; Designed to manage all aspects of grain marketing including; price spotting, development of marketing strategies, maximising returns on contracts, arbitraging prices and advice on futures and basis contracts. Services are tailored to meet specific client needs.
  • Project Management
    An independent service providing; Research & development Product evaluation Market feasibility Contract trial work Registration services
  • CPC Newsletter
    Western Australia’s most successful technical newsletter in its 30th year of circulation. 12 full colour monthly editions providing timely relevant technical independent information. Articles written by the experienced & professional Synergy Consulting Members. Compilation of relevant Industry and Synergy Consulting trial results.

Perth Office, Western Australia 

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